NRCA Invites Industry Stakeholders to Attend Roofing Day in D C. 2023

We are a family-owned and operated roofing company, active members of the local business community and our Phoenix roofing contractors are dedicated to providing outstanding service on every job. Whether it is commercial roofing or residential re-roofing or roof repairs, we cover it all. Foam roofing, tile roofing, maintenance, restoration coatings, and roof repairs in Phoenix are just some of the things we can provide to you. With industry-leading training, expert attention to detail, and responsive service, you can trust Deer Park Roofing to help you Protect What’s Important. Hinkle Roofing only works with the best manufacturers and quality roofing materials.
Partner’s Roofing has been around for 25 years, and we stand by every single Commercial Roofing Installation. The Department of Labor is committed to helping young workers find positive, appropriate and safe employment experiences. These provisions include restrictions on the types of jobs that minors may perform.
Maintenance can also be challenging since you have to remove the aggregate to get to the watertight layers, so finding a leak can be problematic. Built up roof membranes, referenced by the acronym BUR, have been used reliably on flat roofs for many decades. While the industry is shifting tosingle-ply membrane roofing, there is still a market for the occasional BUR. That’s why we wrote another article breaking down the 4 best roofing materials for a flat roof. Water won’t run off as fast on a low slope or flat roof as it would on a higher pitch, so it needs to be waterproof. For this reason, you can’t use asphalt shingles because they aren’t meant to hold sitting water.
It also runs the risk of being replaced sooner than would be expected. While there is no shelf life on shingle products, GAF roofers are advised to store them in a heated area above 70 degrees for at least 24 hours before use. When there’s precipitation like rain or snow involved, the shingles must be covered by a protective covering like a tarpaulin.
Through Kelly Roofing’s Roofiversary inspection service we will maintain, clean and guarantee your roof won’t have leaks or black streaks. Our Tahoma® 3-tab asphalt shingle aligns with the architecture and design of varying home styles, providing you the versatility you want, at a price that won’t break the bank. This Green Builder’s guide will help you understand the benefits a metal roof adds to homes in areas of extreme and unpredictable weather.
Traditional pen-and-paper templates require manual data entry and compiling inspection data to create a comprehensive report takes up even more time. Rooftop inspections play a critical role in ensuring worker safety and productivity. According to the data gathered by the NIOSH Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program, 42% of construction industry fatalities from 1982 to 2015 were from falls. Considering the dire consequences of subpar safety protocols, it is important that construction firms invest in ensuring the safety of their workers.